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The planets, and constellations, in the sky, are the base on which rests the ancient art and science of astrology. The way they place themselves, the way they move, all has an effect on the earth and all life on earth. There is a strong relation between the happenings that occur on earth, with them. A simple example that gives us an indication of this is the movement of ocean currents in synchronization with the phases of the moon. Our body consists of 75% of water! So not only the moon but also other planets have an astral effect upon all of us and all life on earth too. 

Each person at the time of birth has a different pattern of planets and constellations, with reference to the time and place of birth. So each person has his or her own unique horoscope. It is like a map of the most likely path the person’s life will charter. There are innumerable galaxies, and ours is just one of them all. There are numerous solar systems. But the one our earth belongs to is what concerns us most. So the Sun at the centre, is the stable factor, with Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptun, and Pluto revolving around it. To put it in simple words, a horoscope is the map of the arrangement in the heavens, of the planets and constellations, on the given day, at the given time, at the given place, of birth. The time, place and day of birth being the three essential factors involved, without which, an accurate horoscope cannot be made.

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