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I am best in predicting  the horoscope. People come to me to get predictions about various things. My most of the predictions comes true. Either it is love related predictions, marriage; finances or any other can be possible with it. I am the Best astrologer in Punjab predicts best for my clients. There also come some people those who are facing problems in their life. He also gives them best remedies with which a person can solve every problem. Astrological remedies are very easy to solve. Thus one should take the help of astrology rather than solving those problems by themselves. Here is not the end of his services. He is best in the vashikaran and black magic. These are powerful magic that can solve any problem. I am the Best astrologer in Punjab never misguides my clients. I do not believe in any kind of the superstition. My  guidance and consultation affects the lives of the people. Many famous people come to me to get the solution of their problem. My  numerology, gemology, palmistry skills are very famous. People come to consult me before starting any new thing. Match making, removing the doshas from kundalis, helps the people to do pooja and many more things. I wants every person to be happy. Thus there is no person who goes disappointed from his door. So, if you also have any trouble consults me soon.

Janma Kundli is the sky map or a twelve house chart displaying the planetary placement in the sky at the time of birth of a child at a particular place on earth on a particular time. According to Indian Astrology, the planetary placement decides the human nature and behavior as they transmit energy, good or bad, to the earth with different angles according to our location on the earth.

For the purpose of making a map and for mathematical calculations, the sky is virtually divided into twelve parts. These twelve parts are called ‘Raashis’. The transition of planets and their degrees through these Raashis is studied in astrology for telling about the past, present and future of a ‘Jaatak’ (Human being) by Kaalagya (the Astrologer) according to the principles of Indian Astrology.

In ancient times there are so many things those are predict by the planets and the stars of the universe. Those planets matters a lots in our lives. But some people do not know the importance of those planets. The movements of the planets, their positions matters a lot. Astrology is going since from ancient period. The ancient people predict so many things with those planets. It is not only the time that was predict by their positions. The nature and behavior of people is also predicted by those. Astrology has great impact on our lives.  I am the Best astrologer in Punjab is very famous for my skills and achievements. People from all over the India come to him to get solution of their problem.

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