Coconut Monkey

Coconut Monkey

Coconut Monkey-

Energized Nariyal Monkey provides outstanding results for those who are trapped with rahu dosh. Nariyal Monkey is also called as a powerful decorative tool for meditation, prosperity and harmony. Persons going through rahu antardasha and mahadasha are suggested to procure this eco-friendly and 100% effective product.also very good for people whose rahu is sitting in 8th house. Nariyal Monkey has attracted many people throughout the world because of its spiritual properties.It carries spiritual importance, and points the user to higher levels of consciousness.In Indian Vedic Astrology, Rahu is regarded as the malefic planets and it gives a lot of malefic results during its Dosha. This specific product provides outstanding results for those who are completely trapped with Rahu Dosham. It is also called as a powerful item for prosperity, harmony and meditation.

People distressed by Rahu dosha are troubled with:
§ Intestinal problems
§ Impatience
§ Agitation
§ Heart ailment
§ Problems due to spirits
§ Unsupportive family
As per Lal Kitab remedy, Coconut Monkey for Vastu purpose is the best Rahu Graha remedy apart from general remedies.Persons going through the malefic Rahu antardasha and mahadasha are suggested to purchase this 100% effective, non-harmful and eco-friendly product.Rahu doshanivaran by using this specific product is effective in the following issues:
§ To win over adversaries
§ For overall spiritual development
§ To protect from any evil effects
§ To control unsteadiness of mind
§ To minimize the effect of afflicted rahu
jinka rahu kharab hai
ya rahu 8th house mein hai
ya rahu ki mahadasha antardasha chal rahi hai
unke liye best hai nariyal/coconut monkey
isse south west corner mein rakhna hai

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