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Vashikaran Puja is essentially a tantric method, which involves the use of one’s mental prowess and energy to attract whatever is desired by him/her. Most people consider Vashikaran as an evil spell, however, in reality, it is nothing more than concentrating one’s mental and emotional energies towards realising a dream. While many think of Vashikaran Puja as just a means to attract someone they love or yearn for, the truth is, that this puja can be performed in order to attract almost anything that you desire, whether it be a person, something as tangible as wealth, or as ethereal as a success.

Vashikaran Yantra Tantra Mantra

This is the foundation of a Vashikaran Puja and helps one master the art of Vashikaran. Here, Yantra denotes a metallic plate with geometrical diagrams used as an aid to meditating, and complete the puja successfully. Tantra refers to the act of meditation, while Mantra refers to a Vedic hymn that is constantly repeated to aid concentration in meditation.

Depending on what you wish, you can perform different types of Vashikaran Puja, as mentioned below –

Kamkhya Vashikaran Puja – This puja helps please the Goddess of Love and Desire – Kamkhya. It is mainly performed with the objective of influencing someone in a way that he/she feels extremely attracted to you. The same holds true when you want to attract peace, harmony, success or wealth.
Kamdev Vashikaran Puja – This puja helps please the God of Desire (Sex) – Kamdev. It is usually performed with the goal of creating a spark (usually sexual in nature), between a couple.

How is Vashikaran Puja Performed?

Vashikaran Puja is a highly specialised tantric practice, and can, therefore, be performed only by a well-rounded and learned priest, for it to have the desired impact. When performed by an amateur, either this puja gives insignificant results or may have adverse consequences.

The Puja is usually performed during the wee hours of the day before the sun rises. However, the most optimal date and time of the puja can only be suggested after a thorough analysis of your horoscope.

Given that the puja involves the use of certain special ingredients along with the yantra and chanting of the mantra for as many as 1008 times or even more, it often takes about 5 to 7 days to complete the same. Once the puja is performed, more often than not, it takes about 2 months to see visible results.

We hope that you now have a clear picture regarding what is Vashikaran Puja, as well as why and how is it performed!
Vedaant Sharmaa is a renowned Astrologer/Numerologist and is a professional in Vashikarna Puja service. He is practicing the puja service over 15 years and has acquired satisfactory clients in India and overseas. You can connect with him at +91-9425092415 or email at vedantsharmaa@gmail.com. His service is also available online wherein you need to visit him physically and connect with him through Skype to avail the service.

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