Monthly Predictions For All Sun Signs August 2017

Aries (Mesh) 21 March to 20 April This month you need to double the dose of courage to handle your tossing boat! Career Alas! The rough patch in your professional life during the second half of previous month will continue to exist for the month of August too. Even though you have good organizational skills this month they would not prove to work wonders. Unfortunately, it would be a tough month on the professional front. This uneasiness can come from your colleagues or immediate sub ordinates. Be careful! You are advised to check your performance as it would not reap good results for you. So, ensure that you give in your best and perform accordingly. The hard work and efforts that you put in during this time might come out fruitful for some but for some, it might not justify and can lead to loss of job and multiple stress. For those who are into business, you are also likely to lose some good business opportunities during the month of August. Try to handle things timely for the imbalance in professional front can toss other fronts too. Finance Expecting the month of August to be promising for you? Thank your stars for keeping your finances stable to a great extent says Aries monthly horoscope. It is never bad to be optimistic even in the toughest of times says your trait. After the good flow of income previously you are likely to witness slight ups and downs with income during this time. Even though your expenses would be controlled it would not soothe the crooked income inflow. Considering the cinched time in the Monetary trail you might aspire to make a few investment for the long run but to your surprise, you would not see any fertile deal or offer to grab. After seeing a not so good time with money during half the month, the stars are likely to become generous and grant you some relief. There is a high probability of finding a new source of income if you have lost any sources earlier this or previous month. Romance/Marriage The scholars of Love have rightly said that love is the solution to all problems. Indeed this would prove true in all ways for Aries this month. For all those in a relationship from quite some time, would enjoy a good romantic time with their partner. This would eventually shed off the load of stress and concerns related to finance and profession, giving you more room to think of better ways and ideas to settle things at both the fronts. It is possible that your partner might also give you some ideas and encouragement to clear the mess. For those who are still single and open for a relationship during the first week, you might meet someone new and click well. On the other hand, the second half of August month can create some serious issues between love couples. It goes for those who are new to love relationship too. It might be a time to be careful for those who are not in favor of entering motherhood, as Unwanted pregnancy is on the charts so be careful. Health If you have been following a healthy regime then health wise you would be fit and pay attention to your diet and activeness. For those who are yet to begin, this might be a good time to start losing weight. On the other hand, all those who have been facing BP and heart problem in the past, you are likely to face them again during the second half of the month so be careful. Tauras (Vrushabh) 21 April to 20 May The stability and patience in life are about to be tested on every front! Career It is a time to remind you of your qualities and how best you can use them to bring the high tides down. Taurus the professional side of your life gives you a mixed bag of experiences for the month of August. Your brain is likely to produce some weighty ideas for both job and business expansion but to put them in action can be really tough during the 2nd half of the month. For those who have just finished their education and are on the lookout for their first job, the 1st half of the month is likely to grant you a pool of options and opportunities to grab. Subsequently, for those who are looking out for a job change, this might be a favorable time for you too. Finance Luckily, finances plan not to trouble you much this month. It would surely give you more chance to manage your monetary accounts well. Your stars predict an excellent flow of income throughout the month. But there are chances you might hamper it with increasing and unstoppable expenses. So, keep a check on expenses those can be postponed for later. Unwontedly, the overflow of expense might shake your financial holding for the month and make it tough for you to balance. Examining this situation you might look out to find an opportunity to invest so hold that thought right there! This is not a good time to invest as it might increase your trouble or add another loss. So, wait till the time is ripe! Romance Unfortunately, love might not be an antidote for all your stress and worries this month says Taurus monthly horoscope. Instead, it is likely to elevate your mental uneasiness. For couples or those in any kind of love relationship, you might face a tough time on the romantic front. Ensure that you do not fan any kind of argument or fight that can take an ugly shape in the coming days. If you are single or have been trying to get into a relationship with someone then wait for some time. The planetary position predicts that this might not be a good time to get into a new relationship. Wait till the favorable time approaches. The latter half of the month brings break-ups for some couples due to the disturbance that has been prolonged or lately popped up. You need to be very careful of what you do and how to avoid any kind of tiff in your relationship. Married couples are also likely to face disturbance in domestic life and lack of peace. Health Overall, your health will support you throughout the month both at the professional and personal front making you more productive. But if you do not keep a check on your health then you might face some stomach related issues or lung infection. So, ensure that you do not ignore your health in any way. Gemini (Mithun) 21 May to 21 June You star studded desires will drive you to a higher level of success! Career Your art of picturing what you want in mind makes you more keen to go for what you achieve. This August you should be geared to enjoy excellent time on the work front. You will be energetic to perform to the best of your ability and enjoy your work to the fullest. Your zeal and dedication towards your work will be recognized by the higher position holders and you will be appreciated says Gemini monthly horoscope. If you are into sales or any kind of deal pitching position then there are high chances of getting in new business opportunities. For those who are into business the month of August brings some good news for you too. You are likely to get some new business partnerships or contracts those will add to your expansion. Overall, you would enjoy a stress-free time on the work front. Finance Your financial side might not replicate the career progressiveness assured this month. The position of planets in your zodiac sign alerts you to get your finances structured and controlled. Unfortunately, their would be no money rolling in from any kind of external sources. Since some of you might be enjoying a good time on the professional front on the basis of your performance there would be some who are going to face a tough time due to lack of performance. Their income could fall on the lower side as their performance would be low. Some of you might also not get your previous dues cleared which might add up to an imbalance in the monetary sector. Between all these blues thankfully your expenses will be under control. You can also go for some new investment during last week to reap good interest later. Romance Intellect and energy are two criteria that Gemini carries with them when they are on the hunt for the perfect match. Your passionate and excited side is indeed unavoidable in every way. So, this August you should be all set to enjoy an excellent romantic life with their partner. No more work hindering your romance. On the other hand, those who are open to new relationships, you are likely to meet a new partner or even propose the one whom you like. Make the most of this time and go ahead to start fresh if you have lately faced a breakup and want to move on. For married couples unwontedly this is can be a tough time for you, as you may face issues in the family due to an extra marital affair. So, be careful! Health Health is the driver of your overall performance and emotional positives. So make sure you do not compromise with it. If you feel your immunity is low that makes you fall sick often then ensure you take in diet that keeps you fit and strong. For some old health issues can come up in different ways so be careful! Cancer (Kark) 22 June to 22 July Stay vigilant! Put your energy to right use before you miss the train! Career If your mood swings attack your work mode then it can surely hamper your performance at work. So, ensure you keep it at bay then letting it loose in your life. Unwontedly it would be a challenging month on the work front as things are likely to fall on the negative side for you. In spite of being helpful for your colleagues and subordinates some of you are likely to face back stabbing or partiality on the work front that might hurt you majorly. Do not let that pull you down, hampering your trust on self. Even if the situation reaches the worst point do not take hasty decisions as it might add to the misery if the decision does not fall right. So, keep calm and do not take it to heart instead try to find out a way to get rid of this problem. Avoid trusting anyone during this period. Finance Your financial holding will give you relief throughout the month of August. Unlike the previous month this time you would be offered more support from the stars above. You would enjoy good income throughout the month says Cancer monthly horoscope. Luckily, with time you would become more responsible and this would help you keep an apt balance between income and expense. This would also give you a chance to save a little to help you during the crisis. You might come across some lucrative investment options do not get lured by them as this is not the right time to take investment decisions predicts the stars. So, be cautious that you do not end up wasting your savings instead keep them for later. Romance Thankfully, your love life assures safe and smooth sailing during the month of August. It would be an excellent romantic time for you and your Partner. Finally, you would be able to balance your professional and personal life without compromising. This would enhance your bond and even make you know each other more. On the other hand during the last week of the month those who are secretly in love with someone or are developing feelings this might be a good time for you to confess. The love cupid would support you in every way to propose and approach the one you love. As a couple, if you have been planning to conceive then you might want to postpone that for the month of August as it does not seem favorable. Health No exertion to pull your energy down. Thankfully you would be in high spirits. Keep up the good work and maintain the fit bit in you. You would enjoy excellent time both at professional and personal front. So make the most of this time to put your energy into some good use. Leo (Simha or Sinh) 23 July to 23 Aug Power is strength but sometimes it is also a reason for down fall! Remember! Career Your charming and creative nerve always makes sure to gift you the ground full of recognition and appraisal. Indeed this also makes you enjoy your work and perform exceptionally well. During the month of August, you will perform excellently whether you are into a job or you run a business. Are you in love with foreign land? Here is a chance to go says Leo monthly horoscope! You are likely to get foreign assignment or work opportunity in some foreign country as an employee. For those in business, there are high chances for you too to get business opportunity abroad. Make the most of this opportunity as it comes your way and excel in life. It is sure, a good time for all on the professional front. Finance Your seriousness towards your goals and different aspects of life will take you a long way. The month of August seems promising in terms of financial holdings. You would enjoy excellent flow of income throughout the month. This would also give you a chance to save for future emergencies, so go ahead and save. Spending is one of the most common traits of a Leo. You would practice this at your best and increase your expenses dis-balancing your financial status which is not good from the perspective of financial holdings. If you aspire to make some investments then do not encourage that thought for now as this seems to be a risky and not so good time for investment so wait for the right time. Romance Leadership quality will never sit quite even when it comes to love relationship. Leo people are full of fun, energy, humor but to take charge of relationship and how to go about it what you love to do. Couples you have been enjoying your love life with partner and happily, you would be doing the same throughout this month too. This does not mean single people do not have any scope! Luckily singles the last week of the month could give new romantic partner to lots of singles. For couple who are not In favor of entering parenthood then you need to be careful this month. There are high chances of pregnancy. Health If old health issues have been bothering you a lot then it is time to say bye to them. You would overcome all the past health problems. Take care of health and keep a check on what you eat and how much. Also, keep up the workout it would keep your stamina high. Virgo (Kanya) 24 Aug to 23 Sept Go for what you want! Do not leave things to chance! Career Your practical and analytical skills are the armor to achieve success on professional front. Your thought process and approach to digging deep into the problem makes you outshine with every project you take up. This is an excellent professional opportunity time you would be able to come up with great business ideas in the 1st half of the month. Without a doubt, you would be able to implement them during the 2nd half of the month. There are high chances for you to expand your contacts for professional benefits and you would enjoy great support at work for your talent and hard work. In short a good time on the career front in every aspect. Finance Unfortunately, your financial graph does not predict a very good time for finances. In the month of August, you could face disturbance in income from unknown sources. In the worst case scenario, some may even lose a good amount of money. This would toss your monthly budget and even make you face uninvited loss. Thankfully your expenses would be under control this would give you relief. But to your surprise in spite of keeping your expenses in control throughout the month the unavoidable expenses during the last week of the month would give you some serious harsh time. So, ensure you have some saving to support you during this time. Romance Virgos, There is a lot of positivity served to you this month in context to love! The planetary transit of auspicious planets is favoring you in terms of togetherness and love. Couples you would happily enjoy romantic bliss with your partner and might also take off time to ignite their fondness. If you are prepared to get married and are in the process to chose a life partner or have already chosen then this month there are high chances of marriage to be fixed. Married or would be married would get good support from their life partner. Singles or the ones seeking a love relationship this would be a good time to propose or meet a new partner. On the other hand, a couple seeking to be parents this is a good time to conceive. Health Pat your back as your health is on the right track. Your constant dedication and cautiousness regarding health proved fruitful says Virgo monthly horoscope. Keep up the hard work and stay healthy. A good body always compliments a good and calm mind making you more productive on every front. Libra (Tula) 24 Sept to 23 Oct Injustice is likely to troll you this month! Be careful! Career It is surely a trivial time for you to manage dear Libra. You might have to give up your rigid nature of sticking to your traits and go overboard to get hold of your life. It is a challenging month on the career front for you that would be tough to handle. There are high chances of issues to pop up between you and your senior superiors. The difference would extend to a level that it might bring termination or job loss for some. Since the time does not favor you so avoid taking any kind of risk with your business or job. In order to preserve your present state of career holding make sure you do not take any hasty decision and risk that might cost you later. Keep calm and let this time pass. Finance Your hard work and leadership qualities always benefit you on the financial front but unfortunately this month it would not be possible. The monetary goddess this month does not favor you completely. In spite of good sources of income during the last week of the month, your income can be disturbed. Make sure you have enough saving to back you up during such times. Controlled expenses during this time would support you a lot. With this mixed situation during the month of August, do not think of making any kind of investment even if you have lucrative offers lined up. Keep the money for later until your stars foretell a prosperous time for you to multiply your financial holding. Romance All aspects of life are indirectly linked with each other. If you do not have a smooth professional life it automatically affects you nature that disturbs all aspects of life. So, for this month your career baggage that you carry from office to home is going to disturb your relationship. Make sure you balance your personal and professional life. Single people this is not a good time to find a matching partner. The planets have a prophecy for women this month. It might be you are soft hearted or there are times you get influenced easily or believe anyone that touches your heart. You need to keep this weakness locked up in your house as it can cost you a lot. This month the stars ask you to be careful as there are high chances of someone taking undue advantage of you. So be more alert and vigilant! Health Your health assures support on all fronts only if you do not let stress crawl and rattle your energies says Libra monthly horoscope. Due imbalance in career and other aspects you might let stress affect your health. Avoid doing that. Instead, do things those make you happy and feel good. Rest everything will fall into place. Scorpio (Vrushchik) 24 Oct to 22 Nov Keep up the jovial nature as your ambitions are coming true for real! Career Lift your hands up as it is time to move a little and dance away to the gone by tensions and stress. Hopefully, this month all your efforts will be visible but you need to manage everything one by one. There is probability that the 1st half would be challenging for you on the professional front. This might push you to take risk in order to overcome challenges. Avoid doing so! It is better to focus on your performance than taking risk. Happily, the 2nd half would bring some opportunity, make the most of it. There might be some task that requires help from your seniors, due to your good reputation and the zeal to work hard your boss would come forward to help you. The planets will help you realize the potential to perform well and make the most of every opportunity. Finance Your intuitive trait is one of the highlights that help you take better decisions especially in matters of money. Your art of reading personalities, mind helps you a lot, to make the perfect move whenever it is needed. Just like the previous month, this August to time would help you manage all your financial responsibilities and even grant you good time. Indeed you will witness good flow of income throughout the month to help you balance your monthly budget. To add to this relief the stars foretell that your expenses will also be under control. Seeing good flow of income some of you might haste to take big financial decisions, avoid doing so in the 1st half. The 2nd half assures better time and earning as compared to the 1st half. So, for any financial decision prefer 2nd half. Romance Since romance and intimacy are of utmost importance to you, remember not to let your resentful nature hinder this pleasure. Fortunately, this month all the couples would enjoy an excellent romantic time with partner. There would be no stress or worry and you can even go for a short trip. Single people this month shows a promising time for you says Scorpio monthly horoscope. If you have been looking for a new partner then you are likely to find someone of your interest. For those who had been waiting to propose the one, they love then this is a good time to go ahead and propose to them. Ensure that you do not let your issues or the way of approach spoil things. Compromise a little with your behavior so that you do not let things fall astray. Health Your health is completely in your hands. Just a little effort and you would be healthy and stay fit. Thankfully, there would not be any kind of acute stress that can troll your health. For those who already have BP and Heart problem make sure you do not ignore it and keep In touch with your doctor. Overall, the month does not predict any serious illness. Sagittarius (Dhanu) 23 Nov to 21 Dec Time to unlock dreams to put them in action! Career It is time to finally allow your locked aspirations to fly free. The month of August is finally going to give you ample of room to exhibit your talent and justify the dreams you had been longing to make concrete. Your energetic side will allow you to perform excellently which will elevate your professional status and also add up some important contacts. Whether you are on job or run a business the planetary movement this month will provide you enormous business opportunities on both levels. Businessmen might welcome a new partner. Even though the first half of the month seems to sail smoothly ensure that you do not take the 2nd half lightly. Keep a check on your communication as it might be a cause of some issue. So be cautious! Finance As your career seems to be on track, finances predict a slight tilt in the monetary front! Success is just a few steps away. You need to stop think and analyze accordingly to take the best way. You would enjoy an excellent flow of income throughout the month. This would give you enough chance to save some for future crisis and also put some to pay off your debts if you have any. In between all this keep a sharp check on your expenses as they are likely to be on the higher side and can toss your financial balance. So be careful. On the contrary, the last week of the month would bring the situation under control. Finances do not show a very positive side towards investing money this month, so avoid making any kind of investment as it would not prove to be fruitful. Romance For you love is surely the most serious realities of life. Come what may you would never ignore your love preference in comparison to other aspects of life. Since you fall on the adventurous side of life you expect your partner also to be of the same and have fun. Indeed you and your partner will enjoy a lot this month in all aspects whether it is pleasure, outing, or even understanding. For those who are single, this might be a good time to grab the opportunity and find a new partner who would interest you. Also if you have been longing to propose to someone then here you go, the 1st half is the right time. Be careful the 2nd half prophecies some argument or issues in the relationship so be careful. Also, those who are planning to become parents this might not be a good time to conceive. Health Excellent time regarding health is predicted by the stars for you. You would be free from any kind of serious illness or uneasiness that would hamper your health. So, make the most of this time and meet all your deadlines. Capricorn (Makar) 22 Dec to 21 Jan You will need strength and self-control to handle situations! Career Your honesty and dedication towards work are the gems of your personality on the professional front. You desire to learn and the perseverance to stick to it makes you the person who believes in delivering the final product. Happily, the month of August will let you witness an excellent professional side of you. You would be loaded with new business ideas and concepts both at job and business front, but implementing them could be tough. For those who are looking for a job change or are planning to do in this month, fortunately, the last week of the month would bring some good news for you. Overall, the month would give you deserved recognition and security on the job front replicating to your hard work and performance. Finance Money is valuable for you and this depicts the responsible side of you Capricorn. You are not someone who blindly spends until you are sure of your income sources. You believe in saving and this really helps you in the longer run. As you are Anti- liabilities, and debts you ensure to keep no debts or borrowing pending. Unfortunately, in spite of all the cautiousness, income this month you would face a lot of hurdles and uncertainty. The planets advise not to take any kind of financial risk or decision during this time as it seems unfavorable. Fortunately, in-between this financial puddle your controlled expenses would be of great help and to your surprise, this would also manage your finances. Romance Love life most have the time has been a tough ride for you. In spite of all the efforts and flexibility, it somehow becomes the reason of major stress for most of you. Unfortunately, this month to you are likely to face turmoil on the love front. Due to some previous issues or the present ones, you will have lots of fight with your love partner. The fights will increase to a level that some of you can also face break-ups or separation from your partner. Be careful and save your relationship before in hand to avoid this scene. Singles, it does not seem a good time to find a partner so it is better to hold your search. Between all this seriousness this time seems very favorable for those who are married and want to have a child, indeed a good time to conceive. Health It is good that you are making efforts to manage your routine and take care of your health but do not let stress ruin this hard work. Remember bad health will lead to bad decisions and choices adding to mental stress so make sure you do not give much importance to stress and enjoy an excellent time on the work front and personal life. Aquarius (Kumbha) 22 Jan to 19 Feb As the problem solver, you will have to cope with problems in your kitty! Career Your imaginative side has always been the driver to performing best in whatever you take up. You are more inclined towards the art or development side of the profession, which makes you excel in the field. You are known for your intellectual side and broad-mindedness which sometimes costs you. In the true sense, this would be a challenging time for you on the work front. It can be due to bias ness at work place or some other internal issue that can point fingers at you and question your performance. Fortunately, the stars would try to calm this situation and will grant you relief during the last week of the month. But you need to ensure that you do not take any hasty decisions or risk regarding work. During this scenario, it would be hard to hold the job for some. So, be careful! Finance Like Capricorn, you are also known to balance both saving and spending. Your humanitarian side can sometimes prove fruitful and at times put you in trouble. So, ensure that you know when and where to show this side of you. You got to be super cautious during this month regarding money. Blessedly, the flow of income would be good but unfortunately, it would be hard to meet the monthly financial requirement. This is likely to make it tough to meet necessary expenses during the month for some. Your former investment that you must have made previously would be in loss now. The stars advise not to go for any kind of investment this month as it would not prove fruitful instead it would back fire. Wait till the ripe time arrives. Romance Your intellectual side is visible on the romantic front too. Looks alone are not the drivers of love for you. An intellectual company and an interesting conversation are all that you need to be impressed. The like mindedness, imagination and the fun side is what lures them in love. Indeed this makes them choosy and also not a flexible person when it comes to the relationship. This month those who are into a relationship you would be enjoying a romantic time with your partner. But some may face ups and down in life. Unfortunately, the fight would reach to a level that in the last week of the month some of you might face separation. Not a good time for a new relationship or partner and no romantic move. Health Your ignorance towards health is going to make this month challenging for you. You need to pull up your socks to procure your health before other responsibilities suffer. Unwontedly you would be facing some or the other issues those would troll your health majorly. So, before this affects your energy and performance at work take control. Pisces (Meen) 20 Feb to 20 March Your intuitive understanding of life makes you most desirable on all fronts! Career Since you feel you know what is it that you desire at this point in time you would be focused on it. You would go ahead in investing your time into preparing and altering life accordingly. Your efforts will surely pay off and would be able to place the block on the right space. The month of August is going to be an excellent time on the professional front. If you are an entrepreneur and are handling your own business then you are likely to get a new partnership for good. There are high chances of receiving big orders. In Addition to growth, those who are on the lookout for jobs, there are chances to find a new job this month. In spite of work pressure and the quest to prove your worth, you would be energetic to give your best. Finance Irrespective of little highs and lows on the monetary front you would enjoy a moderate flow of income. The balance between your income and expense would help you manage your finances and channelize them in the right direction. Money may not be the primary driving force for you but you ensure that you always have enough money to live a normal and affordable life. The month might not predict a high monetary gain but assures a good flow of income. Towards the last week of the month, the stars foretell a good financial gain that would enhance your financial status and even allow you to save some for future crisis and investments. Romance If your incorrigible and gentle nature is the highlight of your personality ensure that you do not give it to anyone until you are sure of them. As this is the easiest way to hurt a Pisces person. SO, it is better to keep it hidden until you are sure of the time and person you develop and unveil to. For those already in a relationship, you would enjoy an excellent time with your partner. All those who are single you would find a romantic partner of your interest. Married people would witness cooperation and support from their life partner regarding crucial decisions and this would strengthen your bond. An alert for all pregnant women! Take care and keep a check on what you eat and monitor other days errands. Health Health is likely to suffer says Pisces monthly horoscope. The professional and romantic life might take most of your time and this would lead to physical and mental stress. So, keep a watch on your health. For those who have been taking good care of health, you would enjoy excellent time on both professional and personal front..

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