My Favorite Top 15 Hollywood Movies Of 2017 Released In My City

1.Kingsman: The Golden Circle
3.Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle
4.Resident Evil: The Final Chapter
5.Kong: Skull Island
6.Cars 3
7.Thor: Ragnarok
9.War for the Planet of the Apes
10.Smurfs: The Lost Village
11.Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
12.The Fate of the Furious
13. Coco
14.Guardians The Superheroes & Annabelle: Creation
15.Star Wars: The Last Jedi

My Favorite Top 10 Best Directors Of 2017

1.Amit Masurkar (Newton)
2.David Dhawan (Judwaa 2)
3.Saket Chaudhary (Hindi Medium)
4.Alankrita Shrivastava (Lipstick Under My Burkha)
5.Shree Narayan Singh (Toilet: Ek Prem Katha)
6.Shashank Khaitan (Badrinath Ki Dulhania)
7.Avinash Das (Anaarkali of Aarah)
8.Subhash Kapoor (Jolly LLB 2)
9.R.S. Prasanna (Shubh Mangal Savdhan)
10.Kabir Khan (Tubelight) & Ratnaa Sinha (Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana)

Free yearly Prediction of 2018 by best astrologer vedant sharmaa ji

The Year 2018:

Now, we are in the year 2018, and let’s talk about this new World Number 11/2.This year is more about finding ways to work together, instead of clawing for first place. There was an excess of selfishness in our departed 1 Year.

The year of 11/2 is about having more compassion for each other, and trying to acknowledge our differences with respect and without so much judgment. This will be a healing year in many ways. That is not to say, there will be no more anger and fighting, but along with that behavior will come a realization, that this dysfunctional behavior isn’t working.

I’m calling 2018 “The Year of the Psychic”, and what I mean by that is our intuitive voice will be stronger than ever. And if you are a professional psychic, you will find your gift is even more powerful.

Take time out for your health and really assess yourself right now. Do you need to change the food you eat? Perhaps add more fruits and vegetables? If you are one who eats junk food, you really need to throw it out. Because this year’s energy encourages you to feel everything so deeply, there will be repercussions for not taking care of yourself.

The other thing I’d like you to watch out for is NOT taking what is said to you, too personally. It’s important to know that when someone’s upset, that is their experience, their choice, and don’t let that negative energy get inside you. That kind of energy is poisonous and certainly promotes getting sick.

Be aware that if someone’s in your life right now and they’re always negative, and making you feel bad, separate yourself. Even if it’s a family member, it’s okay to establish better boundaries. No one needs to put up with physical or emotional abuse. And in this Year 2018-this is even more true.

What Can We Expect in This Month of January?

In this month of January, the 1 Energy always invites you to work on yourself. What do you want to accomplish this year? What are your goals? You really should sit down and write them all out, and visit that list on occasion throughout this year to make sure you are on track. It’s the best way to get the results that you want.

Life is finite, and the message is always that we only have a certain amount of time to do what we are here to do.

So please look at this New Year 2018 as an opportunity for you to set out and achieve some of your dreams that are now only in your head. Don’t let fear or insecurity stop you.Those emotions are a waste of time.

If you stay in the moment, it’s possible to achieve these goals.

I do feel very hopeful about this Year 2018. The 11/2 energy is about finding our inner decency, and treating each other with more respect, which at this point is so desperately needed. I wish you all great things in this New Year 2018, and look forward to sharing my thoughts with you throughout!

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What is December 2017 in Numerology?

The Month of December breaks down to a 12/3 Month. This invites you to use that magical Number combination 1/2/3 to your advantage:
The 1 encourages you to stay motivated and finish those things you have not wrapped up this year; If you have been working on a special project, and it somehow landed on the back burner, take time out this Month to get it completed – it is still possible!

The 2 Energy tells you to trust your intuition-if something is not feeling right, don’t move forward on it; if you go against that inner voice, you will regret it by Month’s end. The world stage will be action-packed.
The 3, which is the strongest Number influence in this month of December, urges you to find ways to enjoy yourself! If you can get with a friend who makes you laugh– do it. Just get in touch with your inner child and have fun; go for a drive and look at all the Christmas lights on the homes out there, and while you’re driving, play some music that you love, all this is good to do, and it’s free.

If you have family members who want to get together this Holiday Season, but you know you don’t get along with them, let them know you love them, and maybe send some flowers, or a card. But, don’t waste your valuable time being with people who make you feel bad about yourself. There’s no need for that.

Sashi Kapoor passed away in his 80th(8) year. If there’s anything we should be learn
ing from this, it is that you treat each day as the precious gift that it is. This is especially true in the days of December.

If you are alone during this Month, and are feeling bad about that, go volunteer your time. There are so many wonderful places where you would be valued. It could be a Hospital/Old Age Home where there are wounded veterans. Bringing some holiday cheer helps them know they are not forgotten. Or head on over to a retirement home and make an elderly person’s day by listening to their stories and letting them know that what they have to say still matters. I cannot emphasize enough how good you will feel making this kind of positive difference in other people’s lives!

Keep in mind, also, that the most important thing you can do in the month of 12/3 is take care of yourself. Begin a personal inventory on your mind and body, and remember that without your health, you are out of the game. Make that a top priority this Month, and begin making changes, if needed, so that as you ready yourself for the New Year, you will be at your best!

Shiv Linga and it’s meaning

There is a slant to decrease the Shiva linga and Shakti yoni, the two fundamental Tantric images of rising and plummeting strengths – which are frequently spoken to by upright tapered stones for the Shiva linga and ring stones or reason for the Shakti yoni – to simply the male and female sex organs, which is however one of their numerous reflections, and their suggestive glorification. There is a custom of Tantric sexuality of mithuna which utilizes sacrosanct sex as a major aspect of Yoga practice. In any case, it is by all account not the only routine with regards to Tantric Yoga, a great deal less the most elevated, and when done is coordinated into a significantly bigger exhibit of practices.

It is inappropriate to take a gander at the linga and the yoni just in human sexual terms, similarly as it is observe the Deities of Shiva and Shakti as just images of sexuality. Sexuality, most likely, is the most grounded of our organic and mental inclinations. However sexuality reflects more prominent and higher strengths, of which it is yet an external natural sign.

The extremity of powers that we find in sexuality is reflected in the considerable dualities of nature from power and attraction, to the powers of flame and water, the sun and the moon, and the types of the mountain and the valley. It is this widespread duality and extremity that is the premise of Tantric Yoga, working with it, and through it coming back to the immaculate solidarity behind it. Sexuality is an imperative compel that we should comprehend all the while, regardless of whether we express it in a human relationship or revoke it for a more singular way of practice.

The Shiva linga is frequently depicted in an upright conelike shape much like the male sexual organ, yet there are numerous different sorts of lingas also. The linga is the image of the widespread power, the vast manly compel or the Shiva standard. It has many structures in nature.

In the Sanskrit dialect, the word linga alludes to a ‘boss check’ or “trademark” of something. As a term, it is not essentially an equivalent word for the male sexual organ, as some would accept. Linga demonstrates what is remarkable and determinative. In such manner, the male sexual organ can be said to be the recognizing trademark or linga of a man at a physical level, however linga in different settings can have a significant distinctive importance.

In Yoga theory, the term linga alludes to the unpretentious body, which is the predominant guideline in our inclination over the physical body. The Shiva linga is likewise the unobtrusive body and can demonstrate the upper area from the heart to the head. The linga is a place where vitality is held, created and managed.

The issue is that the advanced personality, especially since Freud, regularly tries to utilize sex as the primary methods for translating life, stretching out even to workmanship and most profound sense of being, which we attempt to comprehend as indicated by sexual imagery or the sexual coexistence of the people included! This ‘sexual reductionism’ misses the more profound and more extensive sensitivities and motivations that individuals have.

Obviously sexuality is there for most everybody, except genuine deep sense of being and veritable imagination are definitely not! A few researchers have gone so far as to attempt to lessen Hindu Devatas, Gods and Goddesses to sexual images, as though a figure like Ganesha, with his take cut off by his dad, was simply another sign of the Oedipal mind boggling, missing his more profound yogic ramifications out and out. Obviously, such mental reviews have been done on Christianity and Judaism too. Freud, himself a Jew, attempted to diminish Moses to the Oedipal unpredictable, beginning off this pattern. Such reviews don’t help us comprehend what really matters to the profound way, however get us additionally gotten in our organic motivations as the essential elements of life. Actually, such endeavors to transform a religion into a sexual hypochondria is not increased in value by Hindus any more than by Christians and Jews!

Imageries of the Linga

The Shiva linga speaks to the climbing vitality of awareness and life in nature. We see this in such structures as the mountain, the thunder cloud, the tree, and the upright person. Numerous lingas like that at Kedarnath – the most imperative Shiva site in the Himalayas – are shakes in the state of little mountains. Numerous different lingas are related with light, the lingas of the Sun, the Moon and Fire. There are the twelve renowned Jyotirlingas or light types of Shiva at twelve unique sanctuaries all through India.

The condition of Tamil Nadu has exceptional Shiva linga frames for the five components with lingas of earth, water, fire, air and ether at extraordinary sanctuaries in the district. In such manner, every component has its Shiva linga or determinative compel. The well known slope of Arunachala, where the immense illuminated sage Ramana Maharshi stayed, is said to be the fire linga of ruler Shiva.

Other Shiva lingas are related with gold or precious stone, the light powers in the metal kingdom. The Shiva linga is frequently portrayed regarding light, gem or straightforwardness. Shiva himself is said to be unadulterated light or light in its primal undifferentiated state, Prakasha matra.

The Shiva linga is associated with the upward pointed triangle, which is likewise the image of flame. The linga is available in the male sexual organ both in plants and in creatures. However, we ought not overlook its different structures in perceiving that. The love of the linga is associated all the more by and large to a love of columns, pillars, standing stones and pyramids. Tantric linga love is associated with Vedic column venerate (the Vedic stambha, skambha, dharuna), which has parallels all through the antiquated world and in indigenous societies by and large who can in any case see the profound powers behind the developments of nature.

The Shiva linga is regularly a mainstay of light. In extraordinary Vedic fire ceremonies, the fire could be made to ascend in the state of a column which could likewise then take the state of a man! Truth be told, the term Dharma initially alludes to what maintains things and can be symbolized by a column. The Shiva linga is the general mainstay of Dharma. The column is likewise an internal image demonstrating the erect spine and concentrated personality.

As far as our human instinct, there are a few lingas or trademark marks. The drive of Prana is the linga or column constrain maintaining the physical body as per the streams that radiate from it. This is the internal ‘Prana Linga’. Our more profound knowledge or Buddhi gives us the energy of understanding to perceive higher substances, the ‘Buddhi Linga’. The Atman or higher Self is a definitive linga or determinative compel of our inclination that remaining parts consistent and hoisted (otherworldly) all through the majority of our background, the ‘Atma Linga’.

The linga and the yoni dependably go together, above all else on the level of alternate extremes, as the upward and descending pointed triangles. The linga with the yoni beneath it, the standing stone and the ring base, demonstrate the union of male and female energies in sexuality, as well as electro-attractive powers.

Moreover, the linga in its development makes a yoni, similarly as a point in its development can make a circle. We can see this in the round development of the stars, planets and nebulae, and in addition numerous other different wonders in the realm of nature. The focal illuminating presence is the linga and its field of upheaval is the yoni. The planets frame a yoni or hover as they rotate around the Sun as the linga, of the close planetary system, its focal guideline or pivot. However the Sun itself is spinning around different stars and making a yoni or hover of its own.

Stonehenge, and other comparative hallowed locales that have standing stones shaped into awesome circles, demonstrate the union of the linga and the yoni, the vast male and female or Shiva-Shakti standards. The linga and the yoni are additionally joined in the chakra or the wheel, with the linga as the pivot and the yoni as the outline. The Hindu use of chakras in custom and in craftsmanship additionally mirrors these two forces. Each chakra of the unpretentious body demonstrates the union of the Shiva and Shakti energies agent at its specific level of indication.

The Shiva vitality is the upward current going through the spine or Sushumna and the Shakti vitality is the flat current through which it ventures, shaping the different lotuses of the chakras. Together they shape a winding of strengths. Both strengths are important to make this dynamic movement.

The experience of the Shiva linga in Yogic reflection is an affair of a mainstay of light, vitality, peace and time everlasting, growing the brain, opening the internal eye and conveying profound peace and unfaltering quality to the heart. From it emanate waves, streams, circles and whirlpools of Shakti spreading this beauty, love and astuteness to all. To gather our mindfulness in the linga is one of the most ideal methods for contemplation, quieting the psyche and placing us in contact with our inward Being and Witness past all the tumult and distress of the world.

In Ayurvedic mending, the production of the Prana linga or grouping of Prana at an unpretentious level is the thing that enables profound recuperating and revival to happen. In Vedic soothsaying, the Shiva linga speaks to the energy of light behind the Sun, Moon, planets and stars. In Vastu Shastra, the Shiva linga is utilized to balance out the profound and key vitality in a house, as a channel of infinite strengths.

To comprehend a definitive privileged insights of life we should have the capacity to take a gander at the primal forces of presence, including the requirements for sex and sustenance, as per their more extensive associations and general ramifications. Human sexuality is just a single of the numerous appearances of the astronomical powers of duality, of a more prominent Divine sexuality so to speak, which rises above all creaturely presence.

We should figure out how to see the vast vitality behind human sexuality instead of attempt to diminish otherworldly polarities to our own physical and enthusiastic slants. This is another part of Yoga in which we should look past human brain science to the all inclusive cognizance.

Why Spiritual Remedies don’t work for some people?

I’m not happy in my life and things have not changed with Spiritual Remedies too!

As long as you cling onto ” I am not happy” you CREATE more to BE unhappy about.
When you CHOOSE to EMBRACE what is, you OPEN to ALLOW CHANGE to OCCUR.

Start each morning, on the start of a new day, be open to happiness and ALLOW yourself to enjoy whatever the task may BE.
You will FIND you GET more recognition and appreciation when you CHOOSE to BE happy.
Happiness is a choice, it is not something that comes from outside circumstances.

Relax, figure out how to enjoy where you are, and you will FIND things beginning to CHANGE.

One must BEGIN to PUT into the past what has been, FORGIVE and look to the future, putting in the NOW what one wants in the future.
In other words, start saying you are seeing what you want to see, in order for it to come into fruition.

As long as one holds onto judgments about what has been in the past, one keeps repeating the same patterns.
Spiritual remedies BRING US into alignment with what it is they express. We must BE willing to CHANGE ourselves to have our lives CHANGE. What is is the result of past stories perpetuated into the the future by our focus on what has been. We must BE willing to follow good impulses when working with spiritual remedies, in order to ALLOW CHANGE to OCCUR.

We cannot DO what we have always DONE and expect CHANGE to OCCUR. We must BE willing to ALLOW the Spiritual Remedies to lead US into a NEW future.