Qaidi no 1997 Gurmeet Ram Rahim skips dinner, spends sleepless night on floor in Rohtak jail.

Ram Rahim

Qaidi no 1997 Gurmeet Ram Rahim skips dinner, spends sleepless night on floor in Rohtak jail 1997 adds to 8 shani saturn planet of judgement Saw his kundali He is running in his 51st year meaning of no. 51 in numerology is risky no. it threatens from enemy danger. His venus is retrograde in his chart which shows the possibilities of rape or disrespect of woman or doing wrong venus related things his venus also sits in first house but its retrograde(vakri) which shows he had lot of interest in movies. he made movies also as a leading man. his kundali is of powerful man but in wrong direction. leo (sinh) lagan ki kundali hai which makes him live like king venus in first house also shows he lived luxury life abhi inki mangal ki mahadasha mein guru ki antardasha chal rahi hai guru mein jail jaane ke yog hain imprisonment ke yog hain guru 20 sept. 2017 ko khatam ho raha hai phir shani ki antardasha start ho rahi hai shani mein 100 % yog hain jail mein rehne ke usmein inki health bhi kharab ho sakti hai shani mein litigation ke yog hain his houses 3 8 12 is active which is jail ka yog 3rd house signifies away from home 8th house signifies tensions insults obstacles failures 12th house is main house of imprisonment & loss his houses 7 8 12 is also active in saturn 7 8 12 along with 3 8 12 shows imprisonment on account of rape leo is lagan lord which shows he has immense following among his followers most of his planets are in mercury nakshatra mercury is prince planet it denotes rajkumar he lead life like prince from the age of 23 He has been the head of the social group Dera Sacha Sauda (DSS) since 23 September 1990 10th house ka lord venus first house mein baitha hai 10th house is for profession & fame which makes it raj yog leo lagan lord people r very egoistic also lagan lord sun is sitting in 12th house which is not good for health also 12th house is house of jail ashram lonely places he had lot of yogs of singing acting also venus in first house supports that rahu is aspecting(drishti) his first house rahu is planet of ego illusion false pride wrong things rahu ne inki kundali ko brasht kiya hai he has lust for power also his guru is good so he has knowledge also he has clinging attitude due to his mercury nakshatra his saturn is also retrograde his shani dasha is about to start so his saturn will give him results of his past deeds as shani nyay ke devta hain

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