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KP System (Krishnamurthy Paddhati)

Astrologers can use a variety of methods to calculate the positions of the planets in their natal charts in order to estimate the likelihood that any given event will occur.

One such approach that is frequently used to forecast future occurrences is the astrological Krishnamurthy Paddhati. KP astrology, which obviously refers to Krishnamurthy Paddhati, is another name for it. Shri K.S. Krishnamurthy, one of the most well-known astrologers of all time, developed the KP system study.

Vedic astrology predominated in India before KP astrology. Vedic and western astrology were both researched in depth by Shri K.S. Krishnamurthy, who also created a brand-new technique of research known as the KP system.

Best KP Astrologer in India

Do you want to know if your job interview will go well or not? Or As a parent, are you perplexed by your child’s preferences for a career? Are you unsure whether to pursue a lawsuit for your rent dispute?

Yes, by getting in touch with Vedant Sharmaa, the top KP astrologer in India, you can easily get an answer to the forecast for some of the significant events in your life, which may include all of the questions above.

Origin of KP Astrology

KP Astrology, often known as Krishnamurti Paddhati Astrology since Lata Prof. K.S. Krishnamurti invented it, is one of the best and most widely used astrology techniques in use today. Vedant Sharmaa as the best online KP astrologer provides online KP Astrology services. Because the ideas were taken from several astrological traditions, KP Astrology has well-defined and ordered regulations.

One of the few who is intelligent, highly certified, technically proficient, well-traveled, and clear with a sensitive intellect, and one of the names in KP Astrology with the fastest increasing reputation worldwide is Vedant Sharmaa – the best online KP astrologer.

He is a well-known numerologist and the best famous KP astrologer who has advised prominent personalities and celebrities. Many TV and Bollywood stars visited his home during the early years of his career to learning about astrology and numerology from his father.

KP Astrology is primarily the study of Stellar Astrology, in which the practitioner analyses Nakshatras or Stars and forecasts future occurrences in light of certain variables. He provides KP Astrology services so that you can foresee important life occurrences.

Basic Principles of KP Astrology

In KP astrology, there are several rules that must be followed. These fundamental laws are what the best famous KP astrologer use to forecast any event using the system of astrological study. Here, some of these ideas are mentioned.

Uses of KP Astrology

KP Janmpatri

One of the most significant astrological works that employ KP astrology is called Janmpatri. It is created by using the KP system study’s guiding principles to determine the placements of several planets and their sub-lords. It is utilized to make a variety of future predictions for the unborn child.

KP Kundali

Astrology KP Kundali preparation is a lifelong process that can be done at any point to predict your future. It is most likely the most accurate method for predicting various events during a lifetime.

KP Horoscope

KP astrology’s guiding principles can be used to predict KP horoscopes. The KP zodiac signs are used to create horoscopes, which are quite effective.

Removing Doshas

KP astrology is not just about making predictions; with the aid of numerous positions of various planets, the top online KP astrologer also offers numerous recommendations to get rid of various doshas in your KP astrology Kundali.

Deviations from Vedic Astrology

When taking into account the houses, Vedic astrology departs from this. The uneven distribution of all 12 zodiac signs has already been covered in KP Astrology. The houses are assumed to be equally divided into 12 divisions of 30 degrees in Vedic astrology. The Ascendant has a 0 to 30-degree starting point. KP Astrology, however, deems it inappropriate.

According to KP Astrology, the houses are divided into 12 sections based on their cusps rather than evenly. Throughout an individual’s entire lifespan, the house cusps play a crucial function. A house’s span may be fewer than 30 degrees or greater than 30 degrees. With the help of the Placidus system, house and cusp lords are determined in western astrology. This makes it one of the main ways KP Astrology deviates from Vedic Astrology.

As a result of this technique’s widespread use and practicality among the top online KP astrologer, The accuracy of making any prediction using this method is frequently proven to be accurate. It can undoubtedly give you ideas for life’s happening or not-happening moments. Therefore, understanding this technique is essential for a top famous KP astrologer because it reduces the discrepancy between forecasts made by a top famous KP astrologer.


The late Prof. K.S. Krishnamurti, The Great Indian Astrology Master, conceived and developed this wonderful system (Paddhati) of astrological forecasting. The KP System is based on the finer parts of Indian and Western astrology and incorporates significant ideas from other astrological branches. The KP System of astrology is thought to be the most accurate system now in use. It is very simple to understand and use. In contrast to traditional Hindu astrology, the KP system is organized and well-defined.

This technique is regarded as one of modern astrology’s most precise ones. It’s incredibly simple to apply and learn this technique.
KP astrology merely employs a distinct methodology for analyzing several planets and their sub-lords. The Placidus house division system is utilized in KP astrology instead of the Sripathi house division system, which is typically employed in Vedic astrology.
The ruling planets are used by top KP astrologers in India to estimate the timing of both past and future events. In order to start time correction, ruling planets can be utilized in addition to the timing of occurrences by horoscope or natal chart.
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