Siyar Singhi (Gidad Singhi)

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Literal meaning of the word ‘Siyar Singhi’ is Horn of Jackal. Normally, Jackals have no horn, but in rare cases, a small bunch of hair in the shape of horn emerges from his body at the forehead. This is taken for and is called Siyar Singhi. It is claimed in the Tantra scriptures that Siyar Singhi grows automatically, when kept in vermilion (Sindoor), and worshipped daily with devotion and commitement. The holder of Siyar Singhi is blessed with wealth, prosperity and success. He is not required to fear from enemies, Evil Spirits, Black Magic, evil eye and Witchcraft. He gets success in law suits and examinations.
Normally, Siyar Singhis are kept in the puja Ghar or on the body. They are also put as a talisman around the neck of adults and children. This highly venerated article is proven in many Tantra Poojas and enables a person to accomplish all his or her costs 6000 rs. put in our products page

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