As you may already know I am best astrologer in Surat. However, that doesn’t mean that my valuable services are limited to Surat only. That means anyone who lives outside Surat or India can easily seek my assistance online as well. If surat is too far for you to meet me then you can approach me online. I am willing to provide a complete analysis of your horoscope with a host of remedies to overcome the potential issues one might have. My online astrology service has already served tens of thousands of individuals from various states and countries. I am ready to send the complete horoscope analysis and remedies through email, Skype or even via a text chat session.

Online Astrology

If you prefer getting your horoscope analysis over online, I am happy to assist you in that way as well. I understands that modern-day individuals live exceptionally busy lifestyles and that is why I have decided to offer my services over online. Regardless of where you are from, you can easily contact me on phone and explain your issues. All you need to provide is your birth details in order to get a complete analysis of your horoscope and a prediction of your future. In addition to that, you will get a complete package of solutions to the potential problems you might be having. If you need to remain anonymous throughout the process, you can get this service even without exposing your real name. I respects your privacy and the ethics of this field. So, your personal information will remain confidential with me. In fact, this “top 10 astrologer in India” feature has become popular particularly among the Indians who live away from Surat.

Online Gemstone advice

According to astrology, wearing the right kind of gemstone is one of the most effective steps to prosper in your career, personal or business life. However, selecting the perfect gemstone is an uphill task for any individual who is not an expert in astrology. Well, if you need to wear the right kind of gemstone and explore the true potential of your life, you should consult me. You can get his precious advice online depending on your convenience. To get gemstone advice online you should provide your birth details (such as date of birth, place of birth and time of birth). I will go through your details and recommend the best gemstone variety, size, what metal it should accompany with, the procedure of purifying and many other valuable aspects.

Vaastu Consultancy

Though Vaastu, experts like me can help you experience positive energy within the environment you live; be it your home or business place. The structure of the building, how it is located, how the doors and windows are placed and many other aspects are thoroughly considered to implement proper Vaastu procedures. Even a simple imperfection in your building can create a significant impact on your personal and career life. However, I am  ready to help you in this case. I will provide you with practically witnessable remedies based on the Vaastu Shastra as I have mastered over the past periods.

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