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Horary Astrology

The Horary Astrology chart is often referred to as the “Chart of the hour” as the word Horary clearly means “the hour”.

Most often when people don’t know much about their birth charts, their exact birth dates and time, place of birth, and other important details, the horary astrology method comes in extremely handy.

Horary astrology focuses on assisting people in need by answering their most precise questions that would help them make their lives happier and more comfortable by gaining deeper insights into the same.

So, specifically, the horary astrology chart is not your personal birth chart or natal chart, but it is a chart created for that one particular question you ask at that precise moment.

Basically, in simpler terms, when your astrologer listens to your question and comprehends it completely, then the horary astrology chart is generated for the astrologer’s location and time at which the question was asked

Horary astrology is most specifically used to receive properlyy detailed insights on your significant question or the situation that is troubling you or you want answers from.

However, it is extremely important that you ask the most genuine and sorted question that would cover or sum up your problem definitely. And also, you need to seek guidance from an exceptionally talented astrologer who understands the concept of horary astrology in a much better and expert way.

Best Horary Astrologer in India

Whenever you are grappled by a certain problematic situation, horary astrology helps you gain deeper insights into your problem and helps you solve it with expert advice from a highly experienced Astrologer.

Expert Astrologer Vedant Sharmaa is certainly one of the most renowned names in the astrology industry and has been guiding many needy people through his exceptionally great horary astrology skills.

He is regarded as the best horary astrologer in India with his expert advice helping people make their lives simpler and better by solving their problems based on the questions they ask.

He has a great understanding of the field and knows exactly how to interpret your horary astrology chart helping you solve a specific problem in your life that is troubling you otherwise.

He has an extremely empathetic, calm and composed nature that helps you feel relaxed and comfortable around him, which eventually helps you ease a bit before asking your specific question.

He will not only help you arrive at a conclusion but also help you focus on your thoughts and phrase your question accurately to receive the most accurate answer or solution to the same that will serve the purpose of horary astrology.

Reasons for Opting Horary Astrology

Appropriate Decision Making

Many times we are stuck at crossroads where making the correct decision becomes really impossible. Horary astrology can help you a great deal in what decisions would be best suitable for your future course or life. For example, if you get a good-paying job offer, but you already have a decent job, you might wonder whether to make the move or not. Horary astrology thus would ensure that you receive the perfect answer to such decision-based questions where you are unable to think and apply your logic.

Solving a specific problem

Horary Astrology is focused on solving a specific problem. However, the querent, or the one who asks the query, needs to be clear in his or her thoughts and needs to frame the question appropriately in order to receive the best solution to that specific question. With the help of Horary astrology, an expert astrologer can help you focus on the biggest hurdle of your life and solve it instantly by preparing a horary astrology chart focusing on that particular question or situation.

Nullifying the effect of malefic planets

Horary astrology can clearly be used to eliminate the negative impact of any malefic planet causing troubles in wealth or financial management, health issues, troubles in the family, struggles in getting a good paying job, struggles in establishing a business, etc.

Receive solid guidance

When you approach the right expert who knows everything about horary astrology and has been using the same to help many people by offering proper solutions to their specific questions, you are sure to receive the best possible guidance that would help change the course of your life for the greater good. Horary astrology helps you get the best solid guidance and advice from the right expert, based on your horary astrology chart.


Horary Astrology deals with answering or solving one particular question that the querent (the one who asks the queries) needs solutions to, to make his or her life better. So, when the querent asks the desired question to the expert astrologer, the planetary positions and their impact are carefully studied by the astrologer for that particular time, date and place when the question was asked. And thus, the astrologer is able to draw or prepare the exact Horary Astrology chart, which eventually helps them to solve the specific problem effectively.

Unlike normal astrology or Vedic astrology uses your birth chart to make your future predictions, Horary Astrology makes use of the horary astrology chart created immediately at the time when the question is asked by the querent. Also, unlike Vedic astrology, which is extremely deep and covers a broader spectrum of questions, Horary Astrology helps you solve only one particular question that focuses on the current situation or the solution that you are looking for only for that particular question.

Dr. Vedant Sharmaa is one of India’s most well-known astrologers who has extensive experience in guiding people through his knowledge and expertise in Horary Astrology. He is approached by many famous personalities all across the world for his expertise and accurate readings based on one’s Horary Astrology charts.

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