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Online Pooja Booking in India

Online Poojas are in vogue now considering the rise in the online services with the entire population going online for their simplest needs.

Online poojas are performed by the best and expert astrologers who can help you with e-Pooja services that you can perform online from the comfort of your own home with all the incantations, rituals and invocations performed just the way any offline Pooja would be performed.

Also, you get the Prasad delivered at your home upon the successful completion of your online Pooja.

Online poojas make life extremely easy for everyone and they are as effective and powerful as their offline counterparts.

Online poojas can be performed on special occasions, festivals, birthdays, events, new ventures or launch of businesses, shop opening, marriages, etc.

Note that online poojas are also performed in the most authentic manner with all the traditional rituals in place.

All you need to make your online Pooja successful is a great team of well-versed experts or pundits who execute the Pooja in the most successful way by attracting positive vibes, and eliminating negative energies from one’s life.

Best Online Pooja Astrologer in India

Online Poojas need to be performed with a extra dash of expertise and a good team or an expert astrologer can do wonders to your online Pooja by helping you achieve your desired results by bringing in more positivity and help formalize our life and bring us on the path of divinity.

Dr. Vedant Sharmaa is regarded as one of the most popular and revered astrologers who has complete knowledge of the online poojas and how to successfully conduct them for the betterment of his clients.

He makes sure that the entire Pooja is performed without any abbreviations or shortcuts and is carried out as per the “vidhis” prescribed in our tradition to invite the blessings of our gods and goddesses.

He is certainly one of the most respected names in this field, who has helped many people attain solace and peace in their lives by carrying out the most authentic Pooja services in India. He is an expert in this field who knows various types of poojas and helps people with their desired outcomes of the online Pooja.

Different Types of Online Pooja in India

Dasmahavidya Pooja

For the improvement of the financial status and monetary situation of any person, attaining triumph in lawsuits, fulfillment of wishes, defeating enemies, attracting wealth, etc. are some of the reasons that this online pooja is carried out for.

Lakshmi Kuber Pooja

To fulfill your worldly desires or attain financial status upliftment, it is important to worship Lord Kuber and Goddess Lakshmi. Thus this pooja helps you in attracting more wealth and fulfilling all your desires and aspirations.

Pitra Dosha Nivaran Pooja

This pooja includes the worship of Pitru or father and the ancestry, to remove all the doshas due to the wrongdoings of your ancestors.

Maa Bagla Mukhi Pooja

This pooja often helps devotees with the removal or elimination of their sorrows by defeating their enemies, thus showing them the correct path to progress in their lives.

Love Pooja

This pooja helps in finding the solution to all problems related to your love-life. So, be it your pacifying your breakup situation, or helping you get over your breakup, or even solving husband-wife discord, or bringing back your lost love, etc. everything can be achieved with the help of this online pooja.

Vashikaran Pooja

This pooja is done to bring someone under your control or make someone fall in love with you by all the positive means. It is usually done by attaining immense positivity to impress someone you wish in your life.

Lakshmi Anusthan Pooja

This particular online pooja is performed by Dr. Vedant Sharma to attract all the aspects of positivity and wealth in your life by invoking goddess Lakshmi.

Maha Mrityunjaya Pooja

In order to gain freedom from mishaps or accidents, or protect you by attracting good health, this pooja is performed online.

Yam Yakshini Pooja

In order to achieve and get all your wishes fulfilled this pooja is performed.


With the fast paced world moving rapidly on every online platform, even the poojas have moved online giving the devotees the comfort of performing the pooja rituals sitting from the comfort of their homes with all the mantras being chanted properly and every single ritual being performed as per the traditions by none other than the most qualified astrologers like Dr. Vedant Sharmaa.

The online pooja is performed exactly like the offline pooja, just with eh difference that in the online poojas the experienced pundits do not visit your home, but perform the poojas online with online chanting of mantras in a complete manner and completing it successfully by offering all the the necessary elements and thus sending you the pooja Prasad delivered to your place.

It is indeed none other than Dr. Vedant Sharmaa, who has carved a niche for himself in this industry by helping many people perform the perfect pooja for thier homes, offices, businesses, festivals, yagnyas, etc.

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