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Kundali Matching in India

Astrology, one of the oldest forms of acquiring knowledge about planetary positions and their impact on human life, plays a significant role in guiding individuals towards their ideal life partners. Kundali match making, also known as horoscope matching, stands as an essential facet within the field of astrology. A highly proficient kundali match making astrologer employs this practice to assess compatibility between individuals and offers insights into various positive aspects and doshas, providing the opportunity for rectification or a reconsideration of the marriage proposal.

In online kundali match making, the expert astrologer meticulously studies and compares both yours and your partner’s kundalis or birth charts. This analysis helps identify potential issues that may arise in your marital life, allowing for proactive measures to ensure a harmonious union. By utilizing your birth time and place, you can effectively discover your perfect soulmate by assessing compatibility or addressing any compatibility issues that may affect your life journey.

For the most accurate horoscope readings and kundali match making, it is advisable to seek the expertise of a renowned astrologer. This expert can guide you through the best kundli matching process, ensuring compatibility and a fruitful marriage. Whether you opt for kundali matching by date of birth, marriage matching by date of birth, or kundali matching by name and date of birth, a qualified astrologer will help you navigate the path to finding a life partner who enhances your happiness and peace. Explore the possibilities of kundli match online and take a step closer to your perfect match.

Best Kundali Matching Astrologer in India

When it comes to matching your kundalis and finding the perfect life partner for yourself who is also your soulmate, you clearly need the assistance and guidance from a highly professional and learned astrologer.

Dr. Vedant Sharmaa is one highly revered name in the entire astrology field who has been helping many needy brides and grooms to find their life partner or soulmate through his expertise.

He is regarded as one of the highly successful and extremely accurate astrologers in India who can read your horoscope with complete accuracy adn help you with the most precise and accurate kundali matching services.

Many people have found their exact soulmates and have settled happily in life. However, matching the kundali is no easy job. It needs absolute expertise in this field with holistic knowledge to actually read the horoscopes of the girl and the boy accurately and come up with the most accurate results of the kundali matching.

Dr. Vedant Sharmaa is highly proficient in the same and knows exactly what it takes to match the kundalis perfectly and bring in peace and tranquility in others’ life.

Significance of Kundali Matching in India

Compatibility check

In kundali matching a detailed analysis of the kundalis of both the partners is done to understand more about their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and many other essential factors that would lead both of them to lead a happy and a more contented life together.
Compatibility would also encompass several factors such as mental, physical, financial, compatibility, matching their temperament, their skills, their behavior, attitude, thought process, which actually is regarded as the basic premise of any relationship.

Guna Milan

Generally, the Guna Milan is done by considering the position of the Moon in the natal charts of both the partners. There is a certain score that helps in identifying whether a couple should go ahead with their decision of marrying each other or not. For example, a couple with a Guna Milan score of less than 18 is highly recommended to not get married, whereas, with a score between 32-36 it is a highly favorable match.

Mangal Dosha

It is extremely important to learn more about the Mangal doshas on both the kundalis, they should actually nullify the malefic effect of the planet on each other’s life and thus help the couple lead a happy life together. Mangal dosha often leads to a problematic marriage. However, a highly expert astrologer can help you perform certain important and unavoidable poojas that would nullify the effect of the doshas.

Nadi Dosha

Checking this dosha is equally important while matching the kundalis to help learn and avoid any health issues or other problems to the offspring born at a later stage to the couple. Kundali matching also helps keep a tab on such doshas.


Before solemnizing a marriage, it is extremely important to match the kundalis or horoscopes of both the bride and the groom to learn more about whether their stars and plenty are in harmony and would help them lead a happy and peaceful married life. Kundali matching refers to the checking of the positions of stars or planets which are favorable or unfavorable to the couple.

By knowing the time of birth, place of birth, day, date, etc. of both the partners and matching their nakshatras and Rashis, an expert astrologer can provide you with a detailed analysis of things like mental and physical compatibility, their attitude, behavior, etc. that match and that do not match.

The malefic placement of the planets also referred as doshas is something that is extremely important. Critical doshas like the Mangal dosha, Nadi dosha, Sarpa dosha, need to be checked before getting married.

It is highly recommended that a couple with an extremely low score in their Guna Milan should avoid getting married at all to avert certain hazards in their future life.

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