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It is a moment of great ecstasy. No less than a dream come true. Your cute little baby has arrived in the world. And as you are basking in the celebrations, someone quips with a funny name for your baby. Realization strikes. Amid all the stress before your baby’s birth, you have not decided what would be the perfect name for your baby therefore best baby name numerologist in India will help you choose a unique and effective name for your baby. The name will help your baby has all the luck he needs to tackle challenges of the world.What’s in a name? An unsuitable name number can bring trouble and bad luck in your baby’s life. Save your baby from struggle by correcting the name spelling.

How do I ensure a lucky baby name?

Watch my prediction on Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra’s baby.I make numerological corrections to your chosen name ensuring that the name (spelling) number adds up to harmonious vibration with your baby’s date of birth. Before you come to me for modification of your baby’s name, here are some tips to choose an exceptional one:1. Dig down your family tradition and mythologies. Choose a shorter one that isn’t so common.2. The name must sound good to the ear. A good exercise to check this is saying the name aloud (along with your surname).3. Make sure the name is not modifiable in an embarrassing manner. Else, your baby will might be hard time getting ridiculed by his classmates at school.4. Leave the spelling to an expert (ahmm, me).Are you looking for best baby name numerologist in India for finding a lucky name for your baby. Vedant Sharmaa is one of the best and famous baby name numerology in India .contact him today he will help you to choose a unique and effective name for your baby. So book online baby name numerologist consultation. Or call me at +91-94250-92415. 

Baby Name Numerologist In India

Find a harmonious vibration between the name and date of birth of your child with the best numerologist in India.

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Baby Name Numerology

Becoming a parent is everyone’s desire. The expecting couple has a difficult time throughout the months leading up to birth. The next significant duty is choosing a name for your kid once that phase is finished and you get a chance to glimpse its lovely face.

Of course, every parent wants to give their child the best possible name. However, controlling the big group of friends and family members that provide their recommendations is the most difficult aspect of infant naming. The best numerologist expert can help you with this. Numerology for baby names is an amazing science.

One of the most significant and enjoyable activities you undertake is naming your child. Your child will bear that name for the remainder of his or her life. Give your child a name that honors the heritage of your family. Give your child a name in which they may take pride.

Give your child a name that will make them grateful for having such a wonderful start in life. In other words, the name you select must be well-considered and something you are confident in. With all the further research you conduct on your own, choosing a baby name based on numerology can be a good alternative.

Best Baby Name Numerologist in India

Parents view their newborn as a priceless treasure. You must appreciate the priceless gift of life that God has given you. Parents often choose a renowned or famous person’s name for their newborn baby while naming the child. According to the celebrity’s date of birth, the renowned name may be appropriate for them, but it might not be for your child.

The lucky name you choose for your child should work with the day of their birth, as this is essential. Hence, the name and birthdate should be consistent. The answer is to use a formula based on baby names. The finest guidance for naming a newborn is offered by Vedant Sharmaa – a top numerologist in India, who has 15 years of numerology experience.

One of the most well-known names in the numerology field is Vedant Sharmaa, who is also recognized as the best baby name numerology. He is considered the top numerologist expert and works with both local and foreign clients. He will provide an auspicious/lucky letter or name for your baby after carefully evaluating their numerological chart.

Reasons for Naming Your Baby as Per Numerology

Throughout ancient times, people have given numbers the reputation of being mysterious. Even in the contemporary era, they have kept their mystery. They are being employed to solve cosmic mysteries and apprehend international criminals. But there’s more! Also, numbers have the ability to improve our life. We can use the hidden and deeper meanings that each number has in our lives for a beneficial consequence. So, it’s crucial to comprehend the benefits of naming your child using numerology.

Numerological laws can be used to name your child and have many positive effects. It works to infuse your child’s life with positive energy and is in harmony with the day of birth of your child. These are a few benefits:

Achievement in Life

Your child can benefit from numerological naming by getting off to a successful start in life.

The calmness of mind

Your child will always be at ease with the correct energy. All obstacles in your child’s path will be conquered by them.

Clear Life Objectives

Your child’s life will be free of unneeded challenges if they are named properly with the aid of numerology. This will make it easier for the child to accomplish his or her life goals.

Early Recognition of Talent

Your child’s talent will be pointed in the appropriate direction with the right numerological naming.

Watch my prediction on Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra’s baby.


Connect with Vedant Sharmaa, a renowned baby name numerologist, and share the details with him for further clarification and a suitable name.

The success and pleasure in one’s life can be determined by the cosmic power of numbers. Because of this, it is the parents’ job to choose a name for their child that not only sounds good but also sums up well. That is precisely the situation in which baby name numerology is relevant.

One of India’s most well-known astrologers and top numerologists is Dr. Vedant Sharmaa. Being a renowned astrologer and numerologist, he receives consultations from notable individuals and influential political figures.

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