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I am the best Astrologer in Varanasi, Banaras. As we all know that Astrology is a science as well as an art with scientific application of various planetary positions as well as experience, an accurate forecast can be made. For a prompt assessment of your horoscope, please contact me. The benefits of astrology are numerous — a well-planned career move can help you scale the ladder faster, compatibility analysis with a suitable marriage partner can ensure harmonious married life. Astrology can help us prepare for our day just as weather forecast helps us plan our day. If heavy snow is forecast, drive carefully. If the sun is shining brightly, spend the day on the beach. Knowing when the wind is behind your back helps you to maximize your potential and make the most of any given situation. Allow me to use my experience to help you unlock the potential of the stars and make the most of every day… Wish you peace and prosperity.

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Every individual wishes a very happy, romantic, and peaceful married life. However, majority of couples who get married after matching horoscopes, fail to lead a happy and fulfilling life; they have recurrent conflicts, live at the edge of divorce, and even face physical and mental harassment from each other. Conventional match-making done by many astrologers or pandits ignores certain planetary effects on an individual’s life. This failure to register a complete profile of the couple leads to a mismatch rather than a compatible fit. Moreover, this mismatch can have long-term ill-effects on your longevity, health, and even generational impact on your children. Following considerations are of utmost importance for kundali Milan/match-making/marriage compatibility:

When we check precisely the above points with our deep astrological knowledge, our experience has shown that this is the best method of marriage compatibility and couple enjoys happy married life. We also add gun-milan and manglik considerations as per our clients, who want to have a look on these factors.

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The positions of planets, constellations, and sub-constellations at the time of birth greatly influence your chances of success in all spheres of life such as education, career, health, romance and marriage compatibility, finances, litigation, travel, property matters etc. I, am an expert numerologist and a Online Best astrologer in India, and I can be a one-stop solution to your life’s various projections.

Numerology is a study that deals with the association of a numbers and coinciding events in an individual’s life. It is a convenient tool to understand a person’s character, nature, lifestyle and relationships with family & society among many other things. It can also be used to predict career and profession related outcomes. In combination with astrology, it is a powerful system to delineate major life events with precision.