Astrology Products in Uttar Pradesh Claimed

Astrology Products in Uttar Pradesh

1. Solve All Types Problem Like, Financial, Money, Business & Job (Rs.1500/-)

2. Krishna’s Energy Divine Protection Amulet (Taweez) (Rs.5100/-)

3. Crystal Vashikaran + Karya Siddhi Pendant (Rs.599/-)

4. For Business Growth, Money Attraction, Job Promotion Taweez (Rs.2400/-)

5. 1.25 Lakh Times Mantra Siddh mahalaxmi Dhaga & Yantra (Rs.1999/-)

6. Lo SHU Grid Reading in Numerology (Rs.999/-)

7. Wish Fullfilment Taweez (Rs.2400/-)

8.Vashikaran Kamiya Sindoor (Rs.2100/-)

9. Siddh Abhimantrit Magical Tortoise (Rs.299/-)

10. Kuber Kunji (Energized) (Rs.199/-)

11. Krishna Divya Urja Surksha Kavach (Silver) (Rs.5600/-)

12. 24 Carat gold Goated Vedic Prosperity Pendant (Rs.5999/-)

13. Fully Energized Green Aventurine Money Bracelet (With Certificate) (Rs.1499/-)

14. All Powerful Protection Pendant Aginst All KJinds Of Evils (Rs.3300/-)

15. Wealth unlimited Pendant (Rs.3300/-)

16. Protection Pendant (Rs. 3300/-)

17. Health unlimited pendant (Rs.3300/-)

18. Empower Planet Empower Pendant  (Rs.3300/-)

19. Jade Stone (Fully Energized) (Rs.499/-)

20. Multipurpose Pyra Card (Rs.1500/-)

21. Abhimantrit Siddh Bhairavi Dhaga (Rs.599/-)

22. Mahasaktishali Mahakali Kavach (Rs.1100/-)

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